For us it is important to show the results and analysis that underlies our business idea.

Does it hold? We want to feel secure in our decisions and want to communicate our findings with transparency.

That is why we publish our reports here.

Some reports are done by us and some are made by independent consultant or researchers.

The ecological impacts of large scaled ascidian cultures are investigated in this project report. The project was a three year project funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Main report - Ecological effects of ascidian culture - in Swedish, no appendices

Appendix 2 - Loo L-O. and Kjerulf J. 2012 Environmental impact assessment of ascidian culture - in Swedish

The quality as sustainable organic fertilizer is verified by the the Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies (2012 och 2013):

Hushållningssällskapet 2012 Gödslingsförsök med rötade Sjöpungar

Hushållningssällskapet 2013 Sjöpungsredovisning komplettering 2013